You Enjoy Working with Metal?

Manufacturing mechanics process metals, sheet metal and components. They assemble components into devices, appliances and machines and read production documents and technical drawings for this purpose. You will prepare the necessary materials for this. You will complete your orders and projects accurately and independently, sometimes also in a team and in collaboration with other specialists. During your assignment with us, you will work in all manufacturing departments - the whole world of the production chain for fineblanked parts will be open to you.

Once a week you will attend the vocational school in RĂ¼ti to reinforce your practical knowledge.

Training period:
3 years

Strong technical and practical comprehension, good spatial intelligence, good performance in mathematics and physics.

For the Polymechanic and Manufacturing Mechanic apprenticeships, we work together with "libs Industrielle Berufslehren Schweiz". From the application phase to the completion of the apprenticeship, libs is your first point of contact and the assignment with us starts directly after the basic training. Using the following link, you can find apprenticeship vacancies at libs and select us as your partner company of choice.

Click here for vacant apprenticeship positions

The following professional development options will be open to you after successfully completing an apprenticeship:

  • Training Courses:
    Courses offered by vocational schools and higher technical institutes or by professional associations such as Swissmechanic and Swissmem.
  • Polymechanic EFZ (Swiss Federal Certificate):
    Manufacturing mechanics can complete a shorter basic training course as an EFZ polymechanic (entry into the 2nd year of basic training).
  • Professional exam (BP):
    With a Swiss certificate: e.g. Manufacturing Specialist, Aircraft Technician - Mechanics / Avionics, Automation Specialist, Technical Business Administrator.
  • Advanced professional certificate (HFP):
    Industrial Foreman
  • Higher vocational school:
    E.g. Swiss-certified Technician (HF) Mechanical Engineering, Swiss-certified Technician (HF) Electrical Engineering, Swiss-certified Technician (HF) Systems Engineering, Swiss-certified Technician (HF) Microengineering
  • University of Applied Sciences:
    With a corresponding education, e.g. Bachelor of Science (FH) in mechanical engineering, automotive and vehicle engineering, systems engineering or in mechatronics.

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