Feinstanz AG – A Company with Tradition, Focused on the Future.

Albert Schmid establishes a mechanical workshop in Rapperswil. The company prospers and develops into a mechanical engineering company in the second generation under the leadership of Heinrich Schmid. After the initial development and successful marketing of the first hydraulic fineblanking presses, Schmid decides to use his own presses to enter into the production of serial parts as well.

Founding of Feinstanz AG. The company is continuously developed and expanded. The expansion and construction of new production halls and extensions to the existing infrastructure within the entire group take place on an ongoing basis. The company grows continuously. Due to the unexpected and early death of the company owner and the lack of a succession plan, very turbulent years follow, characterised by takeovers and changes of ownership.

Start into a bright future with the takeover of Feinstanz AG by the Federtechnik Group. The synergies within the group and the clear focus on sustainable and prosperous business development strengthen Feinstanz AG. Numerous modernisation and automation projects are implemented and realised.

Innovation through improved technologies. Old fineblanking presses are replaced by the latest generation of Feintool Xtra presses. A strip straightening machine for even higher quality and thicker material is purchased.

Commissioning of a new brush deburring system for the efficient and economical subsequent processing of fineblanked components. The segment of machining is further strengthened and expanded to the highest technological level.

A highly innovative turning centre with automated feeding is integrated into the production area. Existing processes for automation and optimisation of the production are adapted with a view to profitability and efficiency.

Feinstanz AG has established itself as a competent solution provider for assemblies on the international market. A robot-assisted assembly department is put into operation. The competence to manufacture ready-to-install components had already been present in the company for years. With the recent expansion of automated assembly, Feinstanz is taking another promising step and is strengthening its position in the market.