Feinstanz AG – A Company with Tradition, Focused on the Future.

Feinstanz AG is a Swiss SME with a history stretching back over sixty years. We’ve made use of this time to develop into one of the market-leading specialists in the fields of fineblanked parts and component assembly.



The history of today's Feinstanz AG begins in Rapperswil, on the shores of Lake Zurich. With the founding of his mechanical workshop, Albert Schmid lays the cornerstone for a rapidly prospering company that will exist for over a hundred years.



When Albert's son Heinrich Schmid succeeds his father as managing director, he develops the company into a genuine mechanical engineering enterprise. The company quickly becomes successful with the construction and sale of the first hydraulic fineblanking presses.



The decision to enter into the production of metal serial parts with its own presses also marks the birth of Feinstanz AG. Continuous plant expansions, new production halls, an expansion of the operational infrastructure and investments in new technologies set the prospering company clearly on course for growth.



The unexpected and much too early passing of the company's owner Heinrich Schmid brings about a few turbulent years characterised by changes of ownership and takeovers. Due to the lack of a succession plan, the company has to weather uncertain times.



The course for a successful future is finally set with the takeover of Feinstanz AG by Federtechnik Kaltbrunn. Thanks to the synergies within the group of companies, Feinstanz AG's field of expertise is sharpened and the entire group is given a forward-looking, innovative and sustainable orientation. Modernisation and automation projects in the following years ensure even more efficiency and further economic synergies become possible.



Feinstanz AG continues to keep its finger on the pulse of time and upgrades its machinery. Old fineblanking presses are replaced by the latest generation of Feintool Xtra presses. A state-of-the-art strip straightening machine is also purchased in order to deliver even higher quality and to be able to process thicker material.



In order to finish fineblanked components even more efficiently, a new brush deburring system goes into operation at Feinstanz AG. At the same time, the machining department is further strengthened and upgraded to the highest technological standards.



The consistent further development of production and processing technology continues. In the course of this, a highly innovative automatic turning centre with automated partial loading is integrated into the production area. Through even more improved quality management, it’s possible to further optimise and automate existing processes in order to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of production.



Feinstanz AG puts a robot-assisted assembly workshop into operation to further expand its expertise in the manufacturing of ready-to-install components and assemblies. With this expansion of automated assembly, Feinstanz AG takes another important step towards strengthening its market position as a competent solution provider for fineblanked parts and assemblies on the international market.