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The phrase "a rolling stone gathers no moss" has a dimension all its own in metal processing. With Feinstanz AG at your side, you have an experienced partner whose high quality is due to constant further development. We realise completely new components, refine existing products and provide comprehensive advice right from the development phase. These initial steps are immensely important in order to clarify requirements, identify challenges early on and create a solid, integrated concept for the optimal production line. This basis makes it possible to meet the high quality standards that our customers demand of us and that we demand of ourselves.

The employees of Feinstanz AG have the goal of implementing well-thought-out and competitive solutions for our customers. This also requires a high degree of creativity and innovation in order to be able to create complex fineblanking-formed parts according to the specific requirements of each individual customer. This experience and efficiency bring sustainable added value for our customers.


Efficiency thanks to state-of-the-art technology

Feinstanz AG's optimisation efforts start after the initial discussion. Right from the start, we advise you on the optimal procedure and point out possible savings. In this way, we achieve an enormously high level of efficiency in the subsequent development and production with fineblanking as well as in the subsequent machining processes. Our qualified employees accompany a product step by step and thus create a customised concept that is perfectly tailored to the requirements of the respective customer. Modern 3D technology and simulation techniques are also used in this process to enable a clear and easy-to-understand presentation.

Feinstanz AG customers therefore receive several proposals for the realisation of the desired components which are visualised with innovative forming simulations. This virtual approach saves time, money and material, and is something which our customers benefit from. Another important factor for success is the continuous evaluation, improvement and qualitative upgrading of processes. In this way, we achieve the highest quality and optimal economic efficiency for our customers thanks to experience and expertise.

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