We are Your Strong Partner for the Entire Production Process.

When developing high-quality fineblanked and formed parts, modules and assemblies, precise planning right from the start is crucial for the economic success of a product. That’s why we recommend that customers consult our experts at the earliest possible stage of the project. As a full-service provider with decades of experience, we can ensure optimum processes from the product idea to manufacturing, packaging and logistics. We’re happy to answer all your questions and support you in seamlessly integrating new products and production chains into your operations.

In this business area, which is highly dependent on precision, the devil is often in the details. Tiny changes can have a big impact in the end and directly determine the success or failure of a product. Our experienced employees know exactly what adaptations can have an impact on the quality or performance of a production chain. That's why we’re happy to accompany you from the very first moment, so that we can also guarantee the correspondingly high quality in our consulting services.


Planning is half the battle

Fineblanking requires detailed planning to ensure precision and quality while at the same time preserving resources. A perfectly thought-out and coordinated production chain saves time and money. That’s why it’s of great concern to us to plan innovatively and with foresight on the one hand, but also carefully and flexibly on the other, in order to find the ideal solutions for you. Economic efficiency is the most important goal of our project management. A key factor in this economic efficiency is our highest demand on the quality of our products and services.


Yes-men not wanted

The satisfaction and economic success of our customers are our most important goals. We advise our clients conscientiously and engage in dialogue as equals. Thanks to this shared basis of trust, we are not afraid to question long-used procedures, to address unpleasant truths and, if necessary, to make people sit up and take notice with new approaches.