Since its foundation, Feinstanz AG has actively carried out its social responsibility as a Swiss company. We take this responsibility seriously and are committed to supporting our society at various levels, for a good coexistence and also for those with whom life has not been so kind.

Balm Foundation – a partnership of the heart

Feinstanz AG began supporting the Balm Foundation in Jona more than 20 years ago. Over the years, what started as a sponsorship has become a real affair of the heart for us and our employees, because through our partnership with the foundation, we come into contact with very special people. The foundation is committed to creating living spaces and future prospects for people with disabilities. This includes a curative education school as well as various residential and employment opportunities. As a local employer, we see ourselves as having a responsibility here and are happy to maintain this cooperation, which is also valuable for us, because we grow along with the projects of the Balm Foundation.


Special Olympics Switzerland Foundation

Feinstanz AG, with over 70 employees from around a dozen countries, is committed to an inclusive world in which everyone is welcome. That's why supporting the Special Olympics Switzerland foundation is very important to us. It enables children, young people and adults with disabilities to practise sport and compete in fair competitions. The Olympic idea that just being part of it is everything is experienced here almost more intensively than at the "classic" Olympic Games. People with disabilities are given the opportunity to experience recognition for their achievements and to share success and the joy of movement with each other.