You Have a Strong Practical and Technical Comprehension?

Our logisticians are responsible for the professional transport, storage and distribution of raw materials, materials and goods. They are responsible not only for knowing the supply chain, but also for ensuring and optimising its quality.

For the logistics apprenticeship, you should be physically fit as well as have a good practical and organisational comprehension. During your apprenticeship, you will learn how to use hand lifts, pedestrian stackers, pallet dollies and our company cars.

Once a week you will attend the BRZ vocational and further education centre in Rorschach-Rheintal and reinforce what you have learned in practice with a good technical and theoretical know-how.

Training period:
3 years

Craftsmanship skills, practical comprehension, organisational skills, sociability.

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The following professional development options will be open to you after successfully completing an apprenticeship:

  • Training courses:
    Courses offered by vocational and technical schools, by the Swiss Association for Vocational Education and Training in Logistics SVBL and by other professional associations.
  • Professional exam (BP):
    With a Swiss certificate: Logistician, Logistics Specialist, Transport and Logistics Controller.
  • Advanced professional certificate (HFP):
    Swiss-certified Logistician, Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Manager or Production Manager Transport and Logistics.
  • Higher vocational school:
    Swiss-certified Technician (HF) Corporate Processes, specialisation in logistics
  • University of Applied Sciences:
    Bachelor of Science (FH) in business administration, Bachelor of Science (FH) in business administration and engineering. After the apprenticeship, a professional examination can be taken to become a Logistics Specialist or a Forwarding Specialist. Higher professional examinations are even more demanding, for example to become a Swiss-certified Logistics Manager or Supply Chain Manager.

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