Swiss Precision Work in Perfection – Worldwide.

Our innovative products ensure the success of our customers around the world. Feinstanz AG is known for precision, innovation, quality and reliability. Operating internationally, we supply ideal solutions for all industries, such as the automotive industry, furniture making, mechanical engineering, industrial building and HVAC. Is your industry not included? We will find the perfect solution for your project!

We develop and realise complex precision stamped parts from the prototype to the final product ready for serial production. Close cooperation with our customers is essential in order to proceed from the idea to the final solution as efficiently as possible. Progress is our credo. We are strong in innovation, ideas and development and together we will find the ideal solution for your requirements.

Ideas & Innovations

  • All-inclusive solution for serial production
  • Process planning as a foundation


  • Synergy of component design, tooling technology and manufacturing concept with the maximum possible benefit for the customer



  • Automotive
  • Kitchen & furniture
  • Building & Technology
  • Industrial & Mechanical Engineering


  • Manufacturing of customised prototypes

Is your industry not included?

We are a full-service provider and position ourselves as a solution provider for assemblies and modules. Get in contact with us!

Complete satisfaction of our employees

Mitarbeiter betreut die Produktion

At the bottom of the process chain, we are the "discoverers" in quality assurance. With our precise way of working, we ensure quality for our customers. All processes are described and documented in our quality management system, which makes our daily work easier. The cooperation at Feinstanz AG is very familiar due to the manageable size of the company, which has a positive effect on the motivation of the employees.

Massimo Zuliani