Our Focus: Advanced Solutions for Your Success.

Innovative strength and a pioneering spirit have been in Feinstanz AG's DNA since its beginnings over 60 years ago. As part of an ever-changing industry, we are constantly exploring new methods, discoveries and technologies in order to meet the ever more demanding needs of our customers. We help shape development and progress and lead the way as trendsetters. At Feinstanz AG, new approaches in manufacturing and engineering go hand in hand with the implementation of new technologies.

This corporate culture paves the way for progressive solutions that also venture to think outside the box. This forward-looking approach creates first-class, state-of-the-art solutions and ensures sustainable economic efficiency. We develop and design our products with passion and in pursuit of perfection for the success of our customers. Knowledge, precision and technology, combined with Feinstanz AG's inventive spirit, produce innovative and efficient solutions.


Consulting and development

In the ideal case, Feinstanz AG's support begins with the product idea. We analyse the requirements of a component together with our customers and provide advice from the beginning with the necessary foresight to include the complete development process of a product in our planning. This direct exchange and detailed planning right from the start create a strong basis on which the economic success of a product is based.

An essential element in our project management is the constant evaluation of existing processes in order to continuously improve them and increase their efficiency. We ourselves place the highest quality expectations on our products, because this is exactly what our clients are used to and therefore expect from us. We want to improve continuously and we guarantee Swiss tailor-made workmanship, relevant experience and innovative solution approaches for any challenges.