Bringing Innovation to You in the Most Efficient Way.

As a full-service provider, Feinstanz AG not only takes care of production and assembly, but also the worldwide supply of our customers. With our many years of experience in supply chain management, we can rely on proven logistics concepts that we adapt, refine and optimise individually for each of our customers. In this way, the products arrive quickly and reliably at the customer's premises just when they need them. This is guaranteed by our network of proven logistics partners who are absolute specialists in their field. Our customers are provided with an optimal supply chain that ensures a smooth process and maximum cost efficiency.

In the supervision of supply chains, we carry out multi-stage quality controls, with the final inspection taking place immediately before packaging. In this way, we can guarantee the high quality of our products and always identify exactly which production step still has potential for improvement. Through ongoing fine-tuning, we achieve an optimal result that is economical and, above all, practical.


We have a plan

As in production, precise planning is one of the most important success factors in logistics. Clear procedures and, where possible, automated processes help to save unnecessary costs and ensure an efficient supply chain. Due to the diversity of our products, we tailor the packaging and logistics concepts to the individual components, because this is the only way to ensure that everything has been taken into account.

It is always particularly important to us to find the most economical and ecological solution for each part. In doing so, we benefit from our more than 60 years of experience and know exactly what is important in transport and logistics and how challenges can be mastered. Last but not least, transport and logistics are also important factors in determining the sustainability and environmental friendliness of products. Here we take our responsibility seriously and are passionate about saving resources, energy and time.

Complete Employee Satisfaction.

Mitarbeiterin steht in der Produktionshalle und schaut in die Kamera

I have been working with Feinstanz AG in the logistics / shipping department for more than 20 years. My job is to check the parts one last time to ensure that they are of the required quality and that they are correctly packaged. I particularly enjoy the versatility of our products. I am also very happy in my team and with my supervisor, which is very important to me.

Ilgin Ayse