Bringing Innovation to You in the Most Efficient Way.

In addition to serial production, Feinstanz AG also takes responsibility for the entire supply chain. Based on an innovative logistics concept, our solutions are shipped safely to you.

With precise planning in advance and automated processes, we help to save costs in packaging, transport and logistics. We have a lot of experience with packaging and logistics concepts and are able to find the best possible and most economical solution for every part and every transport route.

Complete Employee Satisfaction.

Mitarbeiterin steht in der Produktionshalle und schaut in die Kamera

I have been working with Feinstanz AG in the logistics / shipping department for more than 20 years. My job is to check the parts one last time to ensure that they are of the required quality and that they are correctly packaged. I particularly enjoy the versatility of our products. I am also very happy in my team and with my supervisor, which is very important to me.

Ilgin Ayse