Our High Level of Expertise in the Tool Construction Guarantees Quality and a Successful Outcome.

When precise cut surfaces with a high proportion of clean cuts and tight tolerances are required, Feinstanz AG's fineblanking technology is the answer. The quality in the production of highly complex fineblanked parts depends to a large extent on the use of high-quality and precise tools. We place great value on the design of our tools because the tools are decisive for being able to run efficient production processes with optimum cycle times. In addition, this reduces the maintenance effort, which saves unnecessary costs. For these reasons, we are constantly optimising our tools. Feinstanz AG's fineblanking technologies enable the highest precision and thus a unique cutting quality, which subsequently saves machining operations.

However, the best manufacturing equipment only becomes a real success factor in the hands of real experts. That's why we at Feinstanz AG rely on highly trained employees who are proven specialists in their field. They not only take care of the optimal project workflow, but also provide our customers with ongoing advice. In doing so, they keep both eyes on their core competence of fineblanking, and simultaneously pay attention to the numerous downstream manufacturing processes that are also crucial to the overall success of a project. No two customers are the same, and as different as our customers are, so individual and sophisticated are our solutions for every requirement in terms of material, intended use, shape and processes. Experience and innovative strength intertwine seamlessly, an aspect from which our customers benefit in the end.


From the prototype to the serial part and even further

Feinstanz AG fulfils orders for serial production as well as component assemblies in which fineblanking technologies are used. Before a product goes into serial production, the production parameters are precisely defined in order to optimise them even further in the ongoing process. These fine adjustments are carried out until the best possible quality and economic efficiency are achieved for the customer.

As a Swiss full-service provider, we also offer the finishing of parts for our customers at the end of the production chains. Here, too, further processing is carried out with state-of-the-art machines and sound experience with various manufacturing technologies.