Building and Technology

High reliability of product elements is particularly important in building technology and HVAC because it’s often not possible to replace components, or only at very high cost. That’s why many major companies in the industry rely on the quality and experience of Feinstanz AG as a supplier. We have decades of experience, especially in the semi-automated or fully automated production of assemblies.

As with our entire product range, we also focus in this field on the individual support of our customers. Through careful planning, extensive experience and innovative technologies, we develop single components and also supply ready-to-install assemblies. This know-how enables us to meet even demanding tolerance requirements of our customers and to select the ideal production processes.


Swiss quality and innovative power

A particularly important characteristic of Feinstanz AG is our high demand on our own quality. Our fineblanking experts are constantly eager to optimise processes even further, to find even more ideal solutions for our customers and to make workflows even more efficient. This applies not only to our own company, but also to projects where, together with the customer, a way must be found to meet the high expectations.

This constant striving for improvement requires great flexibility in order to be able to react quickly to new technological developments, construction standards or changes in our customers' requirements. In this way, we can ensure adherence to deadlines and efficient logistics in addition to the ongoing optimisation of our processes and systems. This approach is supported by Feinstanz AG's culture of innovation, which is based on state-of-the-art machinery.